/ Very satisfied clients

Results of the satisfaction survey held by Connexion in the Spring of 2014:

  • The quality of our service gets an overall high score: our responsiveness and timely deliveries are particularly valued by our clients.
  • In terms of translations, Connexion’s online translation and proofreading portal is being highly appreciated. The same appraisal goes to the accuracy of the delivered work and the ability to deliver ready-to-use translated designs.
  • Our copywriters are being complimented for their good understanding of the given guidelines and instructions.
  • Similarly, our graphical designs show a thorough respect of the branding guidelines. There is however room for improvement in terms of creativity.
  • The respect of deadlines for print work that meet the expectations is also being viewed as a plus by Connexion clients. The packaging of print deliveries could however be better.
  • The way we run multilingual email marketing campaigns also gets a very high score.
  • Last but not least, we are also considered as experts when it comes to define the needs for the creation of a website. The creation and management of multilingual web content has also been highly rated, whereas the quality of our web graphical design could be sharpened.

Obivously, we have not waited before taking this valued input into account and optimizing our service.

See also the detailed survey results.