Email Marketing

Automatically synchronise opt-in email addresses from your website with a legitimate email marketing platform.

Do you need, as a webmaster, to take care of your web site and your email marketing campaigns altogether? The Drupal-Addemar sync. or Drupal-MailChimp sync. solution from Connexion will boost your efficiency in the management of your target group and campaigns.

  • One single interface: you manage the data of your target group exclusively from the intuitive Drupal administration.
  • Always up to date: your visitor profiles become synchronised with Addemar or MailChimp.
  • Multiple emailing lists: create several emailing lists within Drupal which visitors can subscribe to. This data will all be handled by Addemar or MailChimp
  • Segmented database: define your segments in the Drupal CMS and focus your email marketing per segment, possibly using also dynamic content.