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Translation & Localisation

There's a better way to translate your web or print content: via a web portal to which the best professional human translators and copywriters are connected.

  • Your content in all languages
  • Perfect quality through use of native speakers only
  • Time- and cost-cutting through automation
  • Big savings via performing translation memories

Drupal Websites for all your markets

Benefit from high-level analysis, wireframes, responsive design, content creation, marketing automation, automated translation process and long-term maintenance for your multilingual web project, using the best of open source technology.

  • You take full control of your web content
  • Your website is perfectly displayed on all screen formats
  • You speak the language of your visitors easily

Content Creation

Content is king: get yours targeted by native copywriters in any language for your internet (web-optimized) or print communication.

  • Native-only copywriters
  • For Web or Print
  • Localisation into desired languages using translation memories

Graphical Design & Multilingual Typesetting

Grant to-the-point, innovative graphical design to your online and offline projects and cut deadlines & cost with one-of-its-kind automated generation of translated Adobe InDesign files.

  • Typesetting and prepress for all your collaterals
  • Graphical design of your web site
  • Spare time & money with accelerated translation process
  • Benefit from latest Adobe graphical software performance

Customised PDF on the fly

Provide your clients with always up-to-date declarations of conformity, product certificates and data sheets, in the language(s) they need.

  • PDF documents produced dynamically on demand
  • Content taken automatically from your product database
  • As many templates as you need
  • Easy to publish on your web site

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