PDF' EU certificates produced on the fly save you time and money

Does your organization sell in Europe different products governed by European safety, health and environmental standards? Then you’ve probably been facing the challenge of always making the latest version of the EU Certificates of Conformity available to your clients. On top, you are required to offer all those certificates in the language of every market, in line with EU regulation.
Keep smiling: there are now ways to fully automate the process!

If you have a rich product portfolio, all your product specifications are very likely stored in a database and/or on your web site. But how do you start from there to automatically generate product certificates and other technical documentation, instantly, on the fly, in PDF format?

Imagine a web site or extranet visitor requests a product certificate, from the product description page he/she is viewing. With the technology now at hand, this request would trigger your product database to send the relevant product information to an automated system called MPOTF (which stands for ‘Multilingual Publication On The Fly’).
The MPOTF system would then instantly create a PDF containing the latest product information stored in your database. It would therefore use one of several design templates, fully customised to your organization. The resulting PDF would be made instantly available to the requesting visitor, as a downloadable file.

You probably wonder:  “And what about translations?”. Actually, it’s quite straightforward: the text contents are translated by professional human translators, making use of an online Computer Assisted Translation tool (CAT); once validated, those translations are imported automatically into your product database; from then on, they are ready to be used into PDF’s generated on the fly, via the same process as described above.

As a result, each certificate (or datasheet) PDF of yours can be produced on demand instantly and automatically, at the very moment when your web visitor requests it and in the language of his/her choice. It can even carry a date stamp to create more value.

At the end of the day, you will have saved much time and money and will have offered your target group a top-of-line service !

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 By Stany van Gelder