Hopital Erasme's huge web site, not so challenging to translate, after all

Many organisations, especially in the healthcare industry, tend to publish a lot of content on their website. This is especially true for hospitals: the trend is to give patients, visitors, medical teams and staff alike as much detailed information as possible. Hence the reluctance to translate all that content in several languages, fearing it would be a titanic and extremely costly undertaking. But does it really need to be that astronomical ?

Today, there are such things as Automated Translation Workflow and translation memories that can drastically cut time and cost for those who need to translation big web contents. Translation Automated Workflow makes exporting content to be translated a child's play. Importing back translated content into the web site will also be easy as pie. In that process, copy-paste is definitely a thing of the past. As far as Translation Memories are concerned, they allow translators to easily recycle already approved translations. At the same time, people in charge of proofreading and validating translations save a lot of time and efforts, by focusing on new translations only.

The marketing team of Hôpital Erasme in Brussels has become aware of those developments. They have hence been able to set aside their fears about translating their mammoth web site and to thoroughly define the pitfalls to be avoided. 

Hopital Erasme's web site, developed in Drupal, is typically very rich in terms of content. However, French had been up till recently the only available language.

Considering the bilingual location of the hospital and the fact that the high care quality attracts more and more patients from all over the world, Erasme's management has given a go to have their site translated in Dutch and English.

Connexion's extensive experience with Drupal multilingual web sites and automated workflow translation processes has been a compelling reason for Erasme to choose them for the job.

Saturday, November 30, 2019 By Stany van Gelder