centralised localisation in 30+ languages by Connexion, via automated workflow


Brussels is not only the capital of the European Union and as such the place where most EU translation activities take place. International organisations and their branches from all over the world also turn to Brussels in order to find specialised LSP's (language service providers) and expert solutions to their translation needs.

Ansell Healthcare is a good example. Ansell provides protection solutions to more than 25 industries and more than 10 millions workers a day in more than 100 countries spread over the 5 continents. Their new web site is being translated in 30+ languages. The translation process uses an automated export-import workflow between the SiteCore CMS used by Ansell and the Wordbee online platform used by Connexion for translations (all translation being performed by human local native speakers).

Each of the 4 Ansell business units is responsible for its own content In each of the 4 Ansell business regions. As such, each Ansell business unit can independently order translations through that automated process.

Centralisation has been the key driver of that new, high-tech solution. It is saving Ansell substantial time and money, while guaranteeing communication consistency throughout all Ansell markets.

Thursday, November 21, 2019 By Stany van Gelder